The F Word

We all hate this word, well I use to until I realized its not that bad when you know what your fighting against; you know what I’m talking about FAT!

Yes I said it, FAT, FAT, FAT! We all have it and many of us hate it. Unless is bacon fat, pork fat or on another person. We have that stubborn area that no matter what you do it doesn’t go away. Once I had my daughter my issue was my stomach and back. I had the dreaded ring, that tire and I hated it. Until I made Fat work for me, not I work for it.

Here are the first 3 types of fat and a few tricks to get ride of it.

1. Full upper body fat: usually around the neck, arms and chest area. Sometimes means you consume more calories than you burn. So 1. Cut back on calories (less soft drinks and artificial flavored products and 2. Try walking, swimming, sign up for aerobics, ride your bike and or try cardio

2. Lower abdomen fat: the dreaded donut. Sometimes caused by stress, depression, and anxiety. So 1. Stay away from stress, take some time out for you and meditate. And 2. Add green tea to your diet it’s great for burning fat and keeping you calm.

3. Lower body fat: thick in the thighs… we all that balance of slim and thick look. That 36, 25, 34… but it can be difficult. A common denominator here is gluten, gluten is stored in this area and sticks to us like glue making it hard to burn off. Try 1. Eat a high protein and energy breakfast, breakfast gets that body moving and ready to burn fat. Also lessen your gluten intake. 2. High resistance workouts are best, add weights to your squat routine and hey try walking up a few hills.

Come back later for 3 more helpful Fat tips and tricks… FAT LETS BEAT IT

Author: The Healn’ Experience

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou

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