7 day Blast

Me and my partner are challenging ourselves to a 7 day blast. We both work, take care of our beautiful family, build our brands, find time for each other & sleep…. all while trying to stay fit, healthy and centered. This week we have decided to challenge ourselves. Challenges are great, they give you something…

Tip Tuesday

What’s stopping you from taking a chance today, from changing one eating habit, from adding one new element to your life thats beneficial… what’s stopping you from completing your goals?…. it’s not money, it’s time, it’s Fear…. Stop fearing yourself and prove to self that your worthy of the success that is to come from…

Order yours today

All natural supplies for M.F. Holistic Oils, canna butters, smoothies, & teas! Order yours today madfyne.com or email me madfynecoaching@gmail.com !!! All products are home made, holistic, and !catered to your needs! Experience Mad F.Y.N.E

Mad FYNE fitness

NO GAMMMESSSS!!! Getting it in today!! #his #madfynecoaching get your personal workout today madfynecoaching@gmail.com

Mad FYNE Meals

I LOVE FOOD LET ME SAY IT AGAIN!! I love food So please don’t every think the recipes I give you I’m not eating myself! I love to have bacon on my way pasta, cheese on my eggs and extra sauce on my burgers!! But I eat everything in moderation! Here are some quick meals…

Get FYNE w/ turmeric

Dinner is served: power green garlic & turmeric chicken salad w/ broccoli cheddar and turmeric soup. Try this amazing meal that is packed full of TURMERIC! A natural herb full of holistic properties! (Add a few drops of canna-oil, or cook your protein in the canna-oil to heal aches, pains and nausea) Benefits of Turmeric…

Healing Dessert

Lemon Ricotta soufflé with healing berries #holisticgoddess #holistictherapies #sexyFood ⁃ I made up this recipe because just because When I don’t feel well I want something that is going to take my mind off the pain. ⁃ Benefits of ricotta: high in protein, high in vitamin A, B & zinc ⁃ Lemon: high in potassium…

Wholesome energy

Sometimes all we have is a few minutes to get ready, a few moments to eat, and or think. Quick but filling meals packed with energy and protein and great for those times. Smoothie, oatmeal & eggs! Message me today for your personal meal plan that includes any tea or smoothie of your choice! Madfynecoaching@gmail.com

Balance your body & home

Balancing my home with sage and my body with this holistic tea. Turmeric, ginger, black tea, raspberry & blueberries… if you are not pregnant you can add thc for a more healing power and centering. Get yours today: madfynecoaching@gmail.com