Holistic Energy

Always take a moment to center your energy and give your body what it needs to flourish #holistichealing #holisticGoddess Kiwano – aka the Horned melon; improves digestion, reduces premature aging (great for facial mask), relieves stress, bone health and strength, cancer fighter Papaya – anti inflammatory, prevents arthritis (great for those with lupus or fibromyalgia…

One week Postpartum

One week 4 days #postpartum!! Current Weight 140. Goal: Toning and getting rid of the loose fat/skin. Join my Mad FYNE journey! Stay tuned for workouts, remedies and motivation 💕💯


Summer is approaching and I know you wanna get MAD FYNE! Stay turned for upcoming challenges, meals, workouts, holistic remedies and more!!! Remember stay motivated, dedicated and willing to push yourself to another level. JOIN TEAM FYNE TODAY madfyne Coaching@gmail.com

Holistic Morning with Moringa

Good morning holistic vibes!!!!! Get your self motivated and energized for the work day! Your favorite yogurt, granola, and lavender, ginger and blueberry tea with a few drops of moringa. Moringa is something I’m trying out, doing research on holistic remedies I found this amazing plant. Here is some background on MORINGA: ⁃ rich in…

Postpartum day 5

Day 5 postpartum belly slimmer. – Black tea (green also works) – lemon – vitamin E / bio oil (for faster results heat up the ingredients, apply to belly & then put on your waist trainer) Apply to your belly 3 times a day.

Holistic Moments for self

For the moments your mind is every where and your body is run down from the day try these two holistic remedies – first: for your bath with hot water add Epsom salt, boiled lavender and rose petals (let it steep for 5 min.) – second: simmer; strawberries, blueberries, ground lavender and black tea 🍵;…

Fitness At Work

It’s hard to stay fit and work at the same time. Some of it is because our jobs are every demanding other times it’s due to office policy. However it never hurts to stretch, on your 15 min break take a brisk walk, do some squats at your desk and if your boss lets you,…

Holistic Vibes in a bottle

Holistic vibes: Homemade rose water spray (add to your bath water with Epsom salt and lavender for aches and pains)?and two sprays for chakra healing & balance! Center your home, great for meditation and more! holisticVibe order yours now madfynecoaching@gmail.com for a better feel thc can be added. #holistichealth #holistichealing #holisticgoddesslifestyle

Holistic meals this week

Here are a few meals I made this week. Please message me for the full how to: Ribs, corn & Mac & cheese Baked potatoes with asparagus pork chops with green greens Roman Lettie boats with chicken breast Eating healthy doesn’t have to hard, unpleasant or even far from your normal eating routine; it just…