Sunday Healing

The powers in tea are endless, delicious and worth every sip.

I put this tea together because I am have another fibromyalgia flare up. Not only am I pregnant but I strive to not use perception drugs. For the past few years I have found alternative ways of healing (food, exercise, chakra balancing and more), now with the spin of being pregnant I had to find even more effective, healthy and unharmful ways to feel good and make sure my baby is safe.

By popular demand I will star to jar my smoothies and teas for those who would like to purchase them. But I also hope I motivate you to create them yourself. You sign up today for only 15$ (a week, no commitment needed) each week you will receive recipes, workouts, and much more.


Holistic Tea

6 cups of water 💧

2 Egyptian tea ☕️

2 turmeric tea 🍵

1/2 pear 🍐

1/2 cup blueberries

1 lemon 🍋 (cut in 4s)

1 cup strawberries 🍓

2 tablespoons of honey

(If you are NOT pregnant and want to add a boost to the healing process, add a few pieces of marijuana candy or marijuana lozenges (great for sore throat)) – I advise you contact your local licensed dispensary or caregiver for details and use)


1. add lavender leaves if you have a headache

2. Add cayenne if you have a cold or want to cleanse

3. Let it steep for about 10 minutes and drain the seeds, fruit and tea bags

4. My tea is caffeine free due to I’m pregnant, normally I keep the caffeine due to I suffer from migraines.

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