Holistic Smoothie

– trying this new juice from Tropicana. Strawberries, blueberries, ginger, flax seeds & 🍋

Pain reducing Holistic Tea

Reduce Aches pains, and flare ups from fibromyalgia & other chronic pain diseases With this Holistic Tea 3 cups of water– alkaline water is best 1 cup blueberries – protects against inflammation Ginger – nausea Basil – anti inflammatory Lavender – pain and stress reliever Lemon – iron, vitamin c, good for your skin, &…

I indulge

Let me say this loud and clear … I LOVE FOOD. My favorite channel is the cooking channel (and the business channel), I 3 meals a day faithful and again I LOVE FOOD. So please don’t think all I eat is salad and smoothies all day. I eat in moderation and according to my health….

Wednesday Wild salad 🥗

ENJOY 😉 Kale Salad ⁃ tomatoes ⁃ Mandarin oranges 🍊 ⁃ Parm cheese ⁃ Flax seeds ⁃ Cucumber ⁃ Lemon juice 🥤 ⁃ Cilantro Snacks that are great at curving cravings and that taste great!

FYNE Sunday

Fighting this flare up with positive energy and a Mad FYNE pregnant 🤰 workout!!! Join me for my next session on Tuesday! ❤️🔥 #noeffortchallenge #pregnantworkout #30weekpregnant😇🤗 #striveToBeTheBest #madfynecoaching #madFyneFitness #smileToday #sundayVibes

Sunday Healing

The powers in tea are endless, delicious and worth every sip. I put this tea together because I am have another fibromyalgia flare up. Not only am I pregnant but I strive to not use perception drugs. For the past few years I have found alternative ways of healing (food, exercise, chakra balancing and more),…

Saturday Satisfaction

Your desire to become should out weigh your desire to watch tv all day, complain and sleep. Your desire to want a better life should push you to push the things out your life that are not helping you, motivating you and making you a better you. We all get comfortable, we all get a…

Smoothie Sunday

My passion for smoothies and their Benefits continue to grow! Quick, simple and cost effective. Never think being a more balance and healthy you is far away. Join me on this Mad FYNE journey!

Monday Madess

Monday madness is all about bettering yourself, reaching new heights & being Mad FYNE in the process. Smoothie recipe: – kale – strawberries (frozen or fresh) – blueberries (frozen or fresh) – yogurt (your favorite kind) – apple juice