Veggies 🌶

As a kid we did anything in our power to avoid vegetables. We threw they, cried, and even feed them to dog; if only we understood their value. Their not just water, they are actually delicious, add your favorite dressing, put them on a salad and don’t be afraid to switch it up. -cucumbers: hydration,…

Mad FYNE Coaching

Here are some of my at home workouts, please check them out and don’t forget to tag me in Yours. Remember your biggest competition is your own reflection; stop letting other people and what they are doing distract you. Be confident, be great, be you. Book me today!

Fitness ball Workout

25 weeks and still got it! Workout ball exercise great for your legs, balance & butt! Let’s get it! Drop your links of you working out to be featured on my blog: and IG page : madFyneAuthor Contact me for a session! or text madFynefitness to 734-413-7733

Breakfast on The Go

Breakfast on the go. When I’m exhausted and don’t feel like a smoothie I grad these Togo items. Not only do they taste great, they give me fuel. – I mix the flax seeds with my yogurt Happy eating!

Smoothie Saturday

Mango, pineapple and ginger smoothies! I used orange juice to blend them!! I try to blend all my smoothies with real juice! Keeping it healthy and delicious!!! #nutritionist #iLoveFood #healthybody #madfynecoaching Benefits of this smoothie – ginger: nausea & upset stomach – pineapple: bone strength, joint pain & immune support – mango: clear skin, alkalinize…

Mad FYNE Prep

If your like me, your always rushing. Even when you think your on time something always alters your plans. Because of this I make lunch and my smoothies the night before and label them with the date. Recipe: – carrots – spinach – blueberries – blackberries – strawberries – orange juice

Detox Wednesday

Here are a few items that most of us have in our homes that are amazing for detoxing. – ginger – parsley – cayenne pepper – lemon juice You can make quick detox shots by placing water, ginger,cayenne & parsley into a mason jar. I’d let it sit for at least an hour (over night…

MadFyne Coaching

PSA! I will be training ALL DAY at Planet Fitness! Message me for pricing, location & to schedule your session. MAD FYNE COACHING, see you there!