Chakra life! Happy New Years Eve

Chakra Goddess #musicby @jheneaiko #overStimulated #pregnantpeekaboobelly #CrownChakra – primary chakra, deep purple, halo, Awareness of higher consciousness, wisdom, Ecstasy, bliss #SolarChakra – yellow, digestion, liver, yoga, Will, personal power, Clarity of judgments, Self-assurance, confidence #HeartChakra – green, center, Thymus gland, Love for oneself and others, relationships, Transformation, change, Forgiveness, acceptance

Breakfast for Warriors

Breakfast for champions! Eggs, spinach and fruit! A balanced meal with protein, vitamin A,B6, K, C, cancer fighting berries, and much more! Healthy, delicious and filling! Have a great day & don’t forget to 😃

Accepting New Clients

Mad FYNE is now accepting new clients. Being healthy doesn’t have to be draining, the food doesn’t have to be tasteless and the workouts don’t have to average. Come join the Mad FYNE team. – motivational – good food – amazing coaching – yoga 101 – home/online workouts – even help with balancing the inner…

Wednesday Nutrition

Today I made spinach & blueberry salad with eggs, almonds & ranch dressing. Drop your recipes below! Remember be smart, be healthy and don’t forget to smile!

Mad FYNE Club

Join the Mad F.Y.N.E Club Mad F.Y.N.E focuses on: ⁃ Fitness ⁃ Yoga ⁃ Nutrition and ⁃ Energy Anyone can join! All body types & lifestyles are welcome. Inbox me today for pricing and more information. Blog: Twitter: madfyneAuthor Email:

Smile More Monday

Smoothie recipe ⁃ spinach ⁃ Strawberries ⁃ Blueberries ⁃ Banana ⁃ Turmeric & ginger ⁃ Pineapple juice ⁃ Essentia water ⁃ Keeps the headaches at bay, minimizes chronic flare ups from fiber myalgia & ulcerative colitis and stress, and great for overall health! Essentia water! Two bottles (1 liter each) a day #healthyAndPregnant #fitMommy #FitnessGoddess…