Boss Food on the Move

I’m far from perfect, but I still want to look and eat like a boss. Sometimes I don’t have time for a big breakfast, sometimes I forget to prep the night before, and often sometimes I can’t sit down at the kitchen table with my family but I do make sure I have foods packed with protein and energy in my bag.

Fruit is always a great choice. Slice strawberries, add blue berries, bananas and flax seeds into a container and your ready to go. (Blend this up with raw spinach for an amazing smoothie) 

I have to pack a lot of ginger into my diet, it’s not just good for you but helps with a lot of things we may be going through (good and bad) such as lupus, stomach cancer, pregnancy, upset tummy or just adding a zip to your drink; ginger is great. I steep it in water over night to make drinks and more.

So today I had one of my favorites:

– key lime green yogurt with flax seeds, 

– ginger sparkling water, 

– a granola bar 

– ginger green tea

I buy in bulk to cut the cost and I try to eat more foods I cook. If I can’t I go as natural as possible.

Bring energy, nutrition and great vibes into your boss day. Happy Bossin’ up. – L.M. Author, engineer, nutritionist, coach, chakra/yoga instructor, & fitness model/coach.

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