Bosses Read

True Story:

About a year ago me and my fiancé went to Get Motivated Detroit. A wonderful event where we heard gifted speakers, gained new business connections, insight and even meet a few of our idles.

One of the most powerful tools I picked up was reading. Yes I read, I'm an author, I try to read a book a month; but Mr. Les Brown (my personal favorite motivational speaker) stated we should be reading a book a week. At that moment me and my fiancé looked at each other and said the same thing "who has the time"?

But as Mr. Brown continued to speak I began to see that there is more than enough time to read a book a week. Think about this… how many hours do you spend on the phone, computer, watching tv, and or sleeping? Not saying these things aren't important but are you spending to much time on things that aren't getting you closer to your dreams?

Think about it, how many of us catch up on recent events and then turn off our phones; little to none. We find something else to look at, next thing you know an hour has flown by. Same with TV, naps, outings; we can give those things a few hours but that same amount of time should be put into things that are productive to your success… if you truly want it.

Me for instance:
I Wake up at 6am to get ready for work, make my family breakfast, see the kids and husband off and meditate
• work 8 hours
I'm home by 6pm at the latest
• gym for 1 hour
• dinner an 1 1/2
Now it's already 8:30. The kids go to bed, husband goes to work now it's about 9:30pm.

This is a "average productive" day but this day could get more productive, stay average or get counter productive.

Now my low self, watches Netflix, post some controversial tweets, takes a nap to wake up at 1am to tired and out of it to work on my goals and dreams. To watch more Netflix, post more tweets and go back to sleep to wake up exhausted from staring at all those flashing lights….

High self me, turns on my music, cleans the house (20 min) , goes some yoga (10min), study for my coding class (30 min. depends on if I have a test), and then in I READ & write (1hr). This still puts me in bed by 11:30/12. Giving me 6-7 hours of sleep. I personally don't need that much sleep, I'm good with 4-5. But you get my point! THERE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH TIME TO READ. You can get through 4 chapters in an hour. You can make new business connections in an hour, you can better your master plan and write out your dinner meals for the week in an hour…

So why are you making excuses?

Author: The Healn’ Experience

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou

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