Boss Company

"The company you keep can help you succeed or push you to destruction" Lynn

This person(s) doesn't have be in the same professional field as you but this person(s) should have the same eager boss mentality.

Every couple, team, partnership, etc. is as strong as the people that hold it together. If you have weak links (definition below), your chain will break off, divide and fail.

The company you keep is crucial to your growth. What you do alone, with your spouse, friends, & family with your time shows your true character and desire.

Everything we do is turned into energy and engulfed into the universe and then it spits it back out at us. What you give is what you receive. Find someone (and or a team) that complements your being.

Weak Link: is a person who lacks the desire, motivation and ability to do better; these people are usually more talk than actions more complaints and negative energy then seeing where they can grow and bring forth abundance to their life and others. A weak link sees only what they can gain out situations. Weak links also separate themselves from the pack the moment they receive praise, money and or attention)

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