Boss Catch up 

I’m human, it’s  now Wednesday and there are still a few task from Monday that I haven’t completed. Not many, just one or two but the simple fact is, there not done. Because there not done, it has slowed down today’s production and productivity. 

I try not to be to hard on myself, but the simple fact remains; to be a boss I must become better at completing! 

“Bosses don’t catch up, we set the pace for our empire.” – Lynn Montanna 2017

So I bought 2 huge calendar, some different color pens and began to fill out the month. One calendar for bills and workouts, the other for daily task and goals. This calander is my new best friend.
It lets me know when I’m falling behind, I set catch-up days and now I’ve realized I use the catch up days less. Those days now are for other things that will get me closer to my goals, small outings with my family and maybe a nap or two. 

“Being on time gets you in the door, being ahead of the game gets you on the top floor.” – Lynn Montanna 2017

Do whatever works for you, calanders, sticky notes, white boards, whatever works for you to get you organized and ahead of the game. 


Comment, share, like, and continue to Boss Up your Habits…

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