Boss Routine

Happy Sunday everyone.

I thank everyone for sharing my post and being apart of the boss movement.

Today is all about your boss routine. What do you do when you wake up in the morning, grab your phone, call the kids; have your thought about waking up 5 min early to meditate?

Meditation can not only bring you peace but when using the chakra method it can also center your being. Ground your fears and uplift your positive energy.

Today my routine consisted of chakra, then a walk (along with me was calm music and a delicious smoothie). I then did some yoga in my back yard. For lunch was a salad and for dinner I think I will do pasta for the carbs for I will b doing a 10 min. Workout.

Boss routines are routines needed to get you closer to your goals. This week I’ve had to make major decisions, some huge sacrifices that could really add tension to my family. I had to reflect and center myself today to ensure it making the right boss moves. Like a wise man once told me “you can’t worry about your future when your right now is fucked up” (P.K. Perkins)

Everyday is an opportunity to master your boss routine. What’s yours? Share comment, ask questions & most of all Boss up! 

Sunday Sassy Salad

– lettus

– 3 eggs (protein, good if you plan to work out like I’m going to)

– onion (optional)

– bell pepper (yellow for color) 

– tomatoes

– any dressing you like (for those who are dieting, no dressing or non fat is great) 

Sumertime Smoothie:

– strawberries

– Bananas

– flax seed oil

– vanilla Greek yogurt (I prefer @chobani)

– lemon (optional, I like the zing it gives) 

– protein (optional, I plan to workout and I’m trying a gain a little mass) 

Today’s workout
– am: Chakara & 1 1/2 mile walk

– afternoon: Yoga 

– evening: workout ( no weights) 200 squats, 100 lunges, 150 crunches, & 75 push ups

Feel free to alter this workout to your liking, but always push yourself to do more. Remember we are seeking improvement, boss up. 

Drop pictures of your meals, workouts and more! Boss up! 

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